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Post-Tribune (IN) - October 18, 1997
Author: Suzanne Eovaldi, Correspondent
"Kids, listen, there's no such thing as a perfect parent on the planet Earth," Pastor Ronald E. Williams told the Emmanuel Baptist Church Sunday school class at a recent service in South Haven.

"All parents make mistakes; all parents fail, but they want you to turn out right," Williams said.

The dynamic speaker captured the attention of the audience of children and as he spoke of traditional family values that really do serve children best.

Williams, director of Hephzibah House , a boarding school for girls, in Winona Lake, near Warsaw, told church youth that "God expects you to obey imperfect people all of your life."

The love and sincere care he holds for young people came across that beautiful warm October Sunday as he used humor, and timely examples to emphasize the strength of soul he wants his young listeners to have.

"Kids, you have a soul that will never die," Williams told the youth.

He described a typical scenario in many American homes that involves a mother having to plead until she loses her voice trying to get her children to clean up their messy rooms.

Children should help out willingly at home with chores.

"It'll build character in your soul," he said.

Williams used humor and his vibrant speaking style to convey to children they should get up from in front of the TV set and say, "Yes, sir, I'll be glad to do it," when a father asks to have the garbage taken out.

He said sassing and back talk to adult authority figures only hurt that moral conscience children need to grow up into successful adulthood.

"Show your initiative, do a job, get the soap suds flying," Williams added.

He was invited to speak at the Emmanuel Baptist Church by Pastor John Allen, a young minister who is doing what he can to lead the youth of his church in the right direction.

Allen even has a session planned for teenagers on "Talking Trash," in hopes of improving their communication skills.

Hephzibah House is a boarding school for troubled girls that receives students from all over the country.

Its director, Williams, recently celebrated 25 years of helping turn around the lives of young women sent to the home by worried parents.

The home provides structure and Biblical love, discipline and encouragement for the girls whose parents feel they've gotten out of control.

"A child can come from a good home, but has fallen in with wrong friends," Williams added. Or Godly love and real values may never be brought up in other homes he said.

For Dennis Slack and his daughter Cindy Slack, a Chesterton High School sophomore, the home and family Sunday was wonderful. They liked the speech by Pastor Williams and both enjoy the ministry of Pastor Allen's Emmanual Baptist Church.

After the service, Cindy said, "I thought it was great."


Hephzibah House is located at 508 School Street, Winona Lake, Ind. 46590.

Director Pastor Ronald E. Williams may be reached at 269-2376.

You may purchase a 28 minute color video of Hephzibah House for $10 plus $3 shipping and handling by writing the above address. THIS ELECTRONIC VERSION MAY DIFFER SLIGHTLY FROM THE PRINTED VERSION.