Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Former Student: Survivor!

When I was there, I was afraid that I would unintentionally do something wrong, and would be punished. It could, and did happen.

We were not allowed to talk to our parents about such things and I think parents should be aware of what is going on in there child's life. From the outside, this does look like a good home, from the inside, it is a home where girl's are humiliated, not allowed some basic privileges, and led to live in an unhealthy fear of God and the staff over them.

Perhaps things have changed since I was there, I really hope they have!!. If they haven't though, I think it is really sad if girls are still having to go through this type of treatment.

Was I rebellious at 13? I suppose I was, neither I, my parents, nor any other human being was, or is perfect.

I just believe Hephzibah House was, and probably still is, an EXTREME that does more damage than good. I could list all sorts of things that went on and were wrong. A child should not live in fear and have no one to talk to about what is going on.

Day after day getting up and spending every moment in a controlled life, you become as a robot, and when you make mistakes, even unintentional, or even done nothing really wrong, just someone's twisted version of wrong, you face punishment. That is not God and it is not good, period.