Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Announcing! has been given a facelift, and now it has a new name.

You won't have to worry anymore about adding the dash or trying to remember if "blogspot" or "wordpress" follows after the DOT and before the DOT com!  None of the actual links or URLs have changed at all, and the new name just makes things easy and convenient.

Simply type in "," and you will find yourself here.  The same familiar and friendly content remains, though the appearance has been refreshed.

May it be a time of refreshing for all Hephzibah Girls!

Invite others to visit!

[W]hen the times of refreshing
shall come from the presence of the Lord, 
and he shall send Jesus Christ

Acts 3:19-20

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  1. I am seriously in a state of overwhelming humbleness today. Back in 1997, as a new high school graduate, our church was visited by a representative from Hephzibah House. I don't remember the name of the man, but I've always remembered it to be the leader - I could be wrong, so I'm not going to make that definitive statement.

    As a graduate, I didn't know what I was going to do next and was looking for a job. My pastor recommended seeing if I could work for HH, and my parents went ahead and agreed for me to start the application/resume' process.

    I remember receiving the application packet in the mail. Literally, a packet. It was way too much information, way to invasive. I remember praying about it, talking with my parents, and ultimately deciding that it was not the place for me to be employed.

    I can't imagine the horrors that I would have been required to enforce. In the end, it was the simple fact that I couldn't uphold (and enforce as was asked) the strict punishments outlined in the application packet.

    Praise the Lord for the wisdom of my parents. I wish I could erase the wrongs done to all of you courageous survivors of HH...

    From someone that could have been been in authority....