Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hephzibah Girls Remembered and Mentioned in a New Book

Author Jon Zenz was interviewed on the radio today about his new book, No Will of My Own:  How Patriarchy Smothers Female Dignity and Personhood. 

Though the time constraints on the air today did not allow for the discussion of the abuses at Ron Williams' suburban gulag, the author remembers the girls within its pages.

From pages 46-7:
How can a woman under the thumb of patriarchy say to the Lord, “not my will but yours,” and “not my life but yours” when she has no will or life of her own? If her life and will do not exist, then the giving of herself fully to our Lord Jesus Christ is prevented or obstructed. Those who are not allowed to have a relationship, an opinion, an expression, a life, or a heart of their own will be hindered in entering into a personal relationship with the Lord because it is in the Lord's name that they are told they do not exist. “The Lord is my shepherd” is taken out of their reach by those proclaiming the dominion of males, which then results in abuse, enslavement, and a rationale for men to fulfill their desires for power and the gratification of their own flesh.

What about daughters who do ask questions and have formed some opinions of their own? Well, predictably, there are some places where fundamentalist and patriarchal families can send their daughters for “rehab.” The Hephzibah House is one of them. It is an oasis for those wishing to put females “in their place” as subservient to men (Jeri Massi has an audio presentation at; cf.,
The supporters of the Former Hephzibah Girls thank Jon for his encouragement and support, reminding everyone, especially the Hephzibah House Survivors.  May it be an encourage to everyone that far more people know of the experiences of than the Hephzibah Girls realize, and many work to expose the the truth.

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