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Hephzibah House Journal
Susan Grotte's journal from her experience as a student at Hephzibah House, told in short-story form.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wilva Roach

This has made me very upset, how could a staff lady who has been there for 6 years say nothing goes on at HH. I am a former staff and yes stuff did go on. Some of the staff had "teacher's pets" while the other girls were treated unfairly--I have seen it. Sarah (former staffer) really forgot to mention some other things that I think are abuse-- eating outdated food, denying necessities and food from the girls, the prison line for the bathroom, 3 minute showers and yes some of the lesser liked staffers like me had to abide by that same rule. I had food withheld from me because rumor was that I was a diabetic which didn't occur until well down the road after i had left HH. Unless things had drastically changed, there were forms of abuse there. I mean scrubbing brick floors on hands and knees sometimes with a toothbrush-come-on! I felt really bad for these girls and when my contract ended I worked about another 6 mos. and decided to end my job there as a staffer. Oh and the demerits for stupid stuff just so the girls had to write sentences--I felt for many of them they seemed liked they were always in "trouble". Treats were withheld from them and they had to sit in the same room while the others ate the treat in front of them. I could go on and on--but I won't. Let me add too, I didn't know Lucinda, but she's had it hard in life it seems so by the time she reached HH it may have seemed like a safe haven to her. She's come through some rough stuff so the abuse that she may have endured at HH was "baby stuff" to her. I feel for her "blindness" to the abuse that was at HH. By the way when I left HH I asked for newsletters to be sent to my house and the first one i got was a statement from Patti saying the Devil got another one of the hearts of a staff member. She was referring to me.


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  2. KJ Village and allied religious groups violate the Constitution and take control of federal and state courts


    1. The KJ Village has a history of harassing people in the community and abusing its political power to get what they want—regardless of whose rights they trample on—in a way that no other city in this country has ever done. The village and allied religious groups are involved in orchestrated powerful and systemic church and state violations, civil rights violations, violating free speech and freedom of religion, taking control of state and federal courts, and systemic terror against those deemed a problem.


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