Hephzibah House Journal

Hephzibah House Journal
Susan Grotte's journal from her experience as a student at Hephzibah House, told in short-story form.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Christy ~

“  In fact, if a rebel seeks your assistance, it is very likely you yourself are a rebel because rebellious hearts have "rebel radar," and will instinctively seek out those with whom they have a compatibility.”    Ron Williams from the sermon Subverting Parental Authority

Christy showed up at Hephzibah House like a shot of sunshine, like a fresh breeze over the city dump. She drove a car. She had stylish bobbed hair. She had snapping, intelligence eyes, and a warm smile that erupted from her whole face.  

I drank her in. I studied her.    Pastor Williams said rebels attracted rebels and sniffed each other out in a crowd.  Was Christy a rebel?  Miss Diana seemed to think so,  she scowled and grunted and stomped her feet whenever Christy tried to be kind or engage in a conversation with us girls.

Christy brought a new idea,  a different opinion.    Maybe Ron Williams was wrong,  maybe it was not Christian what was happening at Hephzibah House~maybe it was not Christian at all.  

I watched Christy's body language. I watched her face. I watched her eyes. It was blatantly obvious that Christy was shocked and horrified by the food, by our lack of medical care and personal care, and by the brutality of our treatment. She was alarmed by the lack of schooling,  and horrified at the nightly beatings.  Over the 3 months of summer, young  Christy connected with almost every girl.  When she left I prayed and wished and hoped  she would find a way to help us.  I imagined her coming back with a posse of pastors and deacons to rescue us.   I sighed,  if Christy did not return to rescue us it meant that Ron Williams was indeed right and holy and good.    
As the days turned to weeks and then months I knew what had happened.  The fresh idea,  the other opinion had been extinguished.  

Christy must have repented of her rebellion.        


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