Sunday, April 27, 2008

wisdom taken from another blog

How deeply we show our complete lack of comprehension of the Gospel, when we think a parenting method can achieve obedient Christ-loving children. If that’s all it takes, then there is certainly no need for the Cross of Christ.


  1. How can (false) pastor williams be so aragant that he believes he can drive sin out of a child by hurting them when we know that the only way to overcome sin is with the blood of Christ.

  2. There are people who believe that the rod of correction imparts grace. I think this is unsupported but I do believe that the Bible allows for parents to use physical punishment. Other Scriptures clearly indicate that our role as parent is to guide and provide Godly input. The child has a free will and is an independent being who must make his own peace with God. I see no basis for breaking a child's will. My will was so broken that I would have agreed to marry Don Williams even though that was my greatest fear. I simply did not have the ability to refuse. I did not have the ability to actively protect myself because I saw no hope and no value in resisting my fate.