Thursday, May 1, 2008

Excerpt from; Hephzibah happenings July 1982

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Excerpt from; Hephzibah happenings July 1982

We Have Beds

Desperate and pleading phone calls from all over the nation are
received at our office so often that we would literally need "barns" in
which to house all the troubled teen-aged girls prompting the calls.
We quite obviously are limited are limited by facilities, staff, and
finances in how many souls we can receive. Therefore, we must make
decisions about whose daughter in desperate straits we can help.
In Galations 6:10, Paul states our broad responsibility to do
to all men, but particularly emphasizes how believers are to
specifically aid other believers. This bible injunction is responsible
for our mission policy of helping Fundamentalists first with their
daughters, and secondarily the children of unbelievers, apostates, New
evangeicals, etc.
Because of a series of unusual circumstances in recent weeks, WE
HAVE A FEW EMPTY BEDS. It is our desire to help those Fundamentalists
who may need this type of ministry with their daughter. The daughters
of preachers, missionaries, deacons, and other pillars of the
church often find their way to our doors. Pray that those the Lord has
chosen of God's people would providentially brought to our doors. We
are particularly interested in helping those who have seen their
failure and sin from Gods perspetcive and who are now willing to obey