Thursday, May 1, 2008

Excerpt from Hephzibah happenings July 1982

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Since our last newsletter, we have had trouble with the State
Welfare Department.
It started with a teen aged girl from our ministry who ran from
program. When she was found, we returned her to her father. She
later went to live with her mother. Shortly after this, she made
allegations to the State Welfare that we had abused her, and had also
abused eight other students in our program!
With this information, we were visited by the State Police, a
Welfare Investigator, Welfare Nurse, and Welfare Consultant. They
demanded entrance to our facilities, to speak to our girls and certain
staff workers.
We refused to honor their demands without benefit of legal
and we all ended up in our attorney's office. We later discovered
they had assembled a "task force" to "save the children" at Hephzibah
Our attorney (a Christian gentleman) wonderfully worked on our
behalf and prevented this invasion of our privacy
We later were questioned for over six hours by the Welfare
officials. They later questioned certain students we had sent home
because of this crisis.
As of this writing this matter is not resolved.
We greatly need your intercessory prayer over these complications,

that Caesar would leave us alone to do our job for the Lord.
The Bureaucracy has within its power to do great damage to the work,and
we are obviously asking God to remove this intimidation and pressure.


  1. I was a student when this happened. The girl mentioned was beaten until her bottom was a bloody mess oozing with puss and drainage. (I saw the very large soiled bandages they used to dress her wound) Once she was sitting near me in chapel and when she stood up there was blood and drainage on the metal chair. It had oozed through her bandages, her slip and her thick polyester jumper. She finally ran away.
    She was a shell of herself towards the end and I am still haunted by her face. I wish I had had the courage to help her. She was such a brave girl. Susan

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