Monday, April 6, 2009

Linda Guest (A Letter from a Mom)

My daughter is Angela Guest who was listed on your missing site. She has written blogs on

I was against sending her to Hephzibah House. Our pastor and Youth Pastor talked my husband into it, and he and I argued until he talked me into it. I never agreed to it even though I gave in. Knowing what I have learned since Angela left there, I wish I had stood by my feelings and not given in. I cried every single day she was gone and prayed constantly. I wonder if she will ever truly be over her experience there.

She had nightmares when she came home and probably still does. She has two beautiful daughters now, and is doing well, but I know she has never forgotten all she endured at Hephzibah House. It breaks my heart that Angela has such deep scars from this experience, and it has affected her trust issues and other areas of her life.

I know that there are good schools out there for dealing with troubled teen girls, but I don't feel that HH is one of them.

My husband also feels badly that he listened to them instead of just praying through the matter and getting GOD's answer. He let them be his "Holy Spirit". I do feel that he gave us some wrong advice. I am still wondering if we should actually tell him how bad Angela was treated at HH. Maybe it would prevent him giving advice to send anyone else there, but I wonder if he would actually believe how bad it was.

Thanks for listening – I know that someone who has been there will understand.


  1. So what are you doing to prevent other girls from being sent to that horrible place? We can appreciate your regret and sorrow - but are standing idly by while other girls are being abused?

  2. Apparently you didn't care about her that much.

  3. How does it feel to be married to such a piece of shit? You really are a horrible person to ever think that religion was a good idea.

  4. You people need to shut up and stop being nasty to those who have decided to come forward. How is this ever going to stop unless people come forward, confess they were wrong, and tell the truth about what happened? These mothers are doing their best to make amends.

    I also don't think you understand the degree of victimization that wives undergo in fundamentalist cults like this. The notion of going against the father and the pastor would be unthinkable. It impresses me that they ever break out of the brainwashing enough to speak up like this.

    You are not helping. I wish the moderators would delete this garbage.