Sunday, September 6, 2009

Amy Krueger: Survivor!

My name was Amy Krueger. I was there in 1981...for about 10 months. Starting in the summer,we were out of school,I can't remember exact dates. I turned 16 while I was there. I weighed about 135 lbs. When I went in and the last time I was weighed there I was 117 lbs. I was regularly menstruating before going there. I did not at all after I was there.

I can remember working in their garden,from which we rarely got anything, helping to finish their house,cleaning their trucks,and any other chore they didn't want to do. Things had to be perfectly done too or we had to redo it plus we got into trouble!

(Trouble for me usually ended up with me on the floor getting beat!) If we wanted to see our families then that depended on us. How much we got in trouble, did we memorize our bible verses and catechisms(can't spell it) did we recite them back right,were our nails always good,hair always curled,notes from the sermons good?

I can still see the fenced in yard. The fence was so high you could only see the sky above it....I knew there was a world out there but I couldn't see it. We were totally cut off from civilization,we were their prisoners to do with what they wanted.

I was beaten every day until I played their game. It was about 4-5 months. It was so bad that my underwear stuck to my skin. I had two large open sores from the beatings. I was hesitant to say anything to the staff about them. I was afraid of their reaction. I was never taken to the doctor. They just took it upon themselves to 'treat' them. I was laid on the floor and had them wiped off, the door was almost always cracked open, anyone that walked by could see in,they were re-bandaged. I was beaten again at night. Even though they knew the shape my bottom was in. They said it was my fault...that I shouldn't have done whatever it was ...gotten into trouble.

During one of the rare visits I had with my father and little brother, I was told I would stay until I was ready for college. I was 16. I made the decision then that as soon as I could....I was gone! I was told to help another girl clean the room between the back door and the garage. I went to the garage to look for boxes and noticed All of the blinds on that side of the house were closed, no one was on the street, there was my chance! I had to try....I ran like my shirttails were on fire!They would not catch me!

I don't know how long or how far I ran but I ran until I thought my chest would explode. I hid in an open basement until dark. I walked, not even knowing if it was the right direction,down a highway until I saw a light on in a garage. I asked if I could use their phone to call my father. He had already been called by hh. The people ended up giving me a ride to the police dept. after stopping to get something to eat...which I inhaled..after all not only did I miss the snack they called meals I was starving to begin with!I walked in and saw some of the staff from the house and I was ready to run again. They would not ever touch me again! I let the police know about the abuse that went on there, I showed the woman the scars. They did nothing.

HH was taking a girl to Indiana that next day so they were going to take me there to meet my father. I was promised nothing would happen if I spent the night at the main house. Nothing did. I went home. I filed child abuse charges against hh. I was told they were closed and the girls were sent home. They lied!

This was a man that did this to us. Not JESUS CHRIST! I BELIEVE in HIM! I am alive today because of HIM.

Many things have happened in life but I've always known that no matter what goes on JESUS CHRIST is there.


  1. Amy, thank you for telling your story. I am so moved. My sister, Gloria, was in HH in the early 70's, and I knew nothing about what went on there until I stumbled upon the CNN program this week. For days now, I have been reading women's accounts of HH and yours is different. Your story stopped me in my tracks.

    Other women wrote about you and how your bravery saved them. Apparently the girls who were there when you escaped were moved quickly out of HH without warning or explanation, and then sent home. There was an investigation, but it did not bring about real change in HH and it seems they were able to resume normal operations.

    All of this I have deducted from the reading today so I am not sure it is accurate. However, it seems many lives were saved as a result of your bravery, including your own.

    Sadly, my sister went into a mental hospital following HH and upon the advice of Ron Williams. She has been institutionalized all these years and has never able to make a life for herself after leaving HH.

    I would like to connect with anyone who was at HH in the early 70's, and who might have known Gloria.

    With a broken heart,
    Channah Grace Hinseth

    1. Amy,
      I DID get sent home because of what you did! I am so thankful that you were brave enough to do what you did. I can't imagine if I would have had to stay the whole time.
      After I got home, I was told what I was to say when I got questioned. I think it was some kind of investigator, I don't really remember.
      Thanks so much for what you did!
      Becky Cramer

  2. Amy, thank you for your story.I used to fantasize..not about boys, but about jumping on the train, right behind the hill on 508 School Street.It would comfort me just thinking that next time thatI'm putting my laundry on the clothesline, I could jump on the train.I had more freedom than any becasue I was the last girl allowed to go to a Christian school, where the Williams kids also attended..I remember Danny, being paddled over 50 times..I counted are right..this is and was not God's will..Justice will come..I hope it is soon!!!!

  3. Marine Pete4/12/13, 3:29 AM

    Ladies it is not to late to file charges against this POS. For the sake of future young ladies you owe them that. You are the adults now. Get together and overwhelm the state attorney general's office and force this wicked generation of vipers to answer for their crimes against children. I plead you do this for the children sakes. They are still getting away with this. These young girls beg you and you know that better than anyone else could. Do not allow this to continue to young girls. I know it is a great burden upon you but stand up for these children. Please!!!