Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bonnie: Survivor!

I am a former HH student.

I only went there for about 4-5 weeks back when I was 16 years old for being a "rebellious child," when in fact, I was just trying to be a normal teenage girl. I was humiliated and thankfully, never beaten.

I remember being ushered into a bathroom, made to strip, and searched all over my body for any "contraband". I was then told to take a shower, which I was told I had 3 minutes to wash my body and my hair completely. Then, as soon as the shower was over, I had to get dressed into clothes that they had set out for me.

I did not have a period at all the entire time that I was there. I did have to take some sort of shake to make myself have a bowel movement. What kind of place would do this to ANY teenager?!? 

Ron Williams is a SICK, SICK man.

I know there is more that I could bring up, but I am not sure that I need to rehash it all for those who endured this for the full 18 months they were there. I was lucky that my real father and grandparents got a lawyer and had a Private Investigator to look in on this "school" and as soon as HH found out that there was someone snooping about, I was then told that I had to leave because they couldn't afford to have anyone snooping about and show all the horrible things that happened there.

Thank you for allowing me to post my not so happy thoughts...



  1. I was just tolod my niece was sent to this house and i had never heard of it.
    What can I do to see her, what can i do to get her out anything?

  2. Dear Anonymous
    I believe your niece in in great danger. I would suggest you print off statements and articles for your nieces parents and grandparents to read. If they are unwilling to look at the information and consider the risk I have some other suggestions.
    Please contact me There is a lot I cannot post on a public forum.
    Susan Grotte

  3. Hello anonymous,

    The post ahead of me was Susan Grotte, my mother, we would love to help you! Susan's e-mail is, she will be the most helpful.

    Jasmine Rosebrough (Grotte)

  4. How truly awful. If I was thar, I'd off'r my very life for you by dancing around like a 2nd-degree-black-belt which I am; while I'd get hit, no doubt, I'd sure beat the shit outta'm. Then, I'd wisk you away to where the more-ons couldn't harm you anymore if I survived which undoubtedly I believe I would. My anger at anyone who tries to hurt anyone is so #@!! ferocious, my KIAH!! (karate yell) is pretty much overwhelming. Thank God Almighty you're ok. Can we nekk in Heaven? I'd greatly like that. Meet me Upstairs. I'll know who you are. Everyone knows who everyone is Upstairs, silly girl. I love you. God bless you.

  5. Please let us know if you were able to get your niece out.

  6. your niece is in God's will romans 8:28,,
    if your really born again you'll just trust and obey, get a life and move on.

    1. Anonymous (Sept. 2, 2011) has not the first iota of a clue what "God's will" is. Paul, Rom. 8:28, is not talking about abusing a young girl in the name of Jesus or using His Word to beat into submission those who have been placed under their charge. Your arrogance is sickening, and you obviously know absolutely nothing about the true born again experience that you claim. Your trite "trust and obey" is a slap in the face of the Lord Jesus who shields the helpless and is radically opposed to religious bigots and modern day Pharisees who abuse in His name and lord their supposed authority over others. You prove clearly that you would join a mob crying, "Crucify Him!" when you exhibit this hateful spirit for it certainly did not originate in Jesus but in our adversary, the devil, who loves to use the Word of God to slap, control, and manipulate to bring about the destruction of God's little ones. If Jesus came today, He would have nothing to do with egotistical, self-righteous religious bigots, just as He had nothing to do with them when they came the first time. By your own words you have condemned yourself and placed yourself in this devilish Jesus-opposing mob.

    2. Anonymous 9/2/2011 is a pure hateful leaglistic jackass. People like you make me sick.

  7. I find it very odd that all of you are reporting that you stopped having your menstrual period within a month or two of arriving at this hell-hole. Is it possible that you were secretly given birth control pills in your food or drinks?

  8. To Barbara: No, I don't believe that's the case. I'm a medical school student and I know that in case of extreme stress or malnourishment, menstrual cycles are one of the first functions a female body shuts down, since it's not essential to life, and basically a "waste of resources" when the nourishment of more life-essential systems (such as the brain, the heart or the kidneys) is at risk.

    And to anonymus #1: I most sincerely hope your niece is out of that hellish place by now, but either way, I think it's due time someone took up the mantle, broke in that place, freed the victims kept there and burned that hellhole to the ground along with the monsters running it. Were I not over 10 thousand kilometres away, I'd do so myself, but anyone who does it has my wholehearted support.

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  10. You, Anonymous (Sept. 2, 2011), are an ass.

    However, Anonymous4/28/12, you are awesome! Tell 'em sister! Tell 'em!

    Also, Unknown 8/9/13, I've never been one to play with fire or cause destruction, but I'm pretty sure (maybe only 105% instead of 110%) that good would not only forgive whoever burns the place down (literally or figuratively) but he would give them a freaking Medal of Honor!!