Saturday, January 16, 2010

Becky Cramer: Survivor!

I was in there for only a couple of months. I got sent home when Amy K. ran away. Thank God for her! I think I went in in early April and I know I got sent home in June- my parents were on their honeymoon- they got married June 5th.

The year was 1982.

I don't ever remember being strip searched. I know they searched my stuff when I got there. As for the food, I remember the options were Extras (for the skinny people), regulars ( for those who were just right), and diet (for those who were "plump") I was on diet portions. In the 6 weeks that I was there, I lost 35 pounds. Yes, losing the weight was a good thing. and, what was the deal with "not dissecting your food"? Anybody remember that? Couldn't eat the crust and then the bread, couldn't eat the white and then the yolk...........and other fun stuff like that.

I am just glad that Amy K. ran away when she did or I would have been stuck there for the whole time.
I have questioned my parents about my being sent home. Their take on things was interesting to sat the least.

I Was only there for 6 weeks and got spanked 4 times. They held me down every time and I was not trying to put up a fight. Miss Emory and Miss Saylor, I think those were the names of the ladies who were in there. One at the head and one on my legs. And the reasons for it were ridiculous. Once it was because I took those stupid pink rollers out of my (naturally curly) hair and was ripping the brush through it. Yeah I was frustrated. Who wouldn't be. the hair was already curly and the roller made it worse. Apparently, it was a bad attitude. Well, my hair started it! It was uncooperative!

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  1. Becky,this makes me feel so sad about all I have read and to know that you had to go through this!! This place needs to be shut down and the staff and owners need to be punished for thier crimes of abusing these really angers me that these monsters hide behind God. God is not abusive and I know God is not pleased!! Love you Cuz