Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stephanie Boyd: Survivor!

Hi! My name is Stephanie Boyd and I recently left HH just this past January.

I only had to stay there for about 9 months because they took me when I was 17. I was so glad when I turned 18... I still couldn't leave for another month though because I had no where to go. My parents took me there because I was "rebellious" or as I would say I had a mind of my own, and I wasn't going to let my parents live my life for me.

My dad became a pastor in Florida. It was a small church. Within the first year there I got a boyfriend that my parents didn't like. All my dad ever said was that my boyfriends parents were divorced and so we would end up divorced too. So that's why he wouldn't let us date. I dated him anyways. I would go to his house or hang out with him at school. MY parents decided that I was a little reprobate and they didn't want me "influencing my brothers for evil" or whatever. And so one day they showed up at my friends house and dragged me off to HH.

They don't do beatings anymore, but we did write sentences. I was counseled all the time and told that I was a little reprobate heathen that was worthless and all that garbage. I was told that if I didn't live the way they wanted me to then I wasn't right with God, and they continually asked me if I was even saved.

I know I didn't have it as bad there as some of the former students. I just wanted to share my HH experience.


  1. And that wasn't even your hardest thing you'd have to go through...

  2. Stephanie Boyd2/4/18, 4:01 PM

    I am Stephanie Boyd. Please take this post down.