Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jessica McKenna: Survivor!

I went there in 1993 when I was 13. Please add my name to the students list.

I remember Jennifer Gooch. She was so sweet and quiet. Didn't her family end up moving there and going to the church for a little while? I remembering feeling so sorry for her when she was finally able to leave cause every Sunday she would be sitting on the other side of the church with her family. I can remember thinking it was like she never really got to leave that horrible place.

I got to leave after 13 months and 21 days (funny how 16 years later I still remember EXACTLY how long I was there for). Never got to say goodbye to anyone. Things were so strange there. I would never send my child to any type of place like that.

The funny thing is I wasn't bad, I was just trying to grow up, but being the oldest my parents just did not know what was normal I guess. And never tried to talk to me about things.


  1. grow up and get a life! move ON with your life!

  2. Anon commenter, you are a worthless evil pile of human filth! I hope all you HH people rot in hell for what you do

  3. To the second anon. Try to ignore anonymous one as he/she is clearly depraved and devoid of humanity and compassion, just feel pity for such lack. My heart goes out to you and how you have suffered. Those who abused those poor girls will have to answer for the evil they inflicted. Just spend your energy on getting that God forsaken place CLOSED.